ArtPrize is a radically open international art competition decided by public vote and expert jury that takes place each fall in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • Digital Content Production
  • Mobile App Testing and Training
  • Technical Production and Development

Your gift makes ArtPrize a reality. Every contribution, regardless of the amount, helps nurture the vitality of this international event and 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 

Always with an eye on the big picture, Drew Davis is an excellent addition to any ambitious team – experienced, highly productive and self-motivating, Drew possesses a deep knowledge of digital video and photographic production and keeps well abreast of the latest innovations. He is calm, personable and mature, and is well liked and respected by his fellow team members. I would never hesitate to hire him again.
— Christian Gaines, Executive Director, ArtPrize
Drew has brilliant instincts and a consistent eye for photography and film, while his grace and positive spirit in high-pressure situations motivates and inspires his teammates. Drew is a creative problem solver who studies and adapts new technology to keep his work in digital media on the cutting edge.
— Todd Herring, Director of Creative & Communications, ArtPrize

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Click for examples of Drew's work used by ArtPrize Corporate Sponsorship.

Click for examples of Drew's work used by ArtPrize Corporate Sponsorship.

Drew is able to dynamically capture key sponsorship activations and environments in a way that showcase the essence of the ArtPrize event. This digital content is critical to our ongoing development outreach efforts and Drew makes the process truly collaborative, easy and fun.
— Jori Bennett, Director of Corporate Sponsorship, ArtPrize
Over the last two years, Drew proved to be an invaluable addition to the ArtPrize Communications and Public Relations team. His work is woven into the ArtPrize aesthetic and helped shape our current and future online presence.
— Jaenell Woods, Public Relations Manager, ArtPrize



FAILURE:LAB is a raw and intimate evening showcasing personal stories of failure. With a refreshing environment of openness, it helps pave the way for change by crushing the isolation and stigma around failure. Failure then takes its rightful place as the crucial first step to the next big thing. 

  • Event Design and Production
  • Stage Direction
Drew has been an integral component of turning our startup into an international movement over the last four years. His broad skill-set allowed him to flawlessly take charge of our event design, curation, and management. He is a holistic thinker who understands the larger strategic goals, as well as a focused executor who doesn’t miss the details. He has transformed our videos, photos, and content to be used online and in corporate training.
— Jonathan Williams, Co-Founder, FAILURE:LAB

FAILURE:LAB is a raw and intimate evening showcasing personal stories of failure. With a refreshing vibe of openness, it helps pave the way for change by crushing the isolation and stigma around failure. FAILURE:LAB empowers audience members to persevere by exploring the space between people who fail and quit, and those who get back up again.



FutureGraffiti is the creative work of photographer, filmmaker, musician and digitalist Drew Davis.


ArtPrize, PNC Bank, Good Morning America, ABC News, SeaPort Airlines, FailureLab, GR Current, Olsson Investment Group, Creative Many Michigan, Sygnifi Networks, City of Pendleton OR, Hamley & Co., Run and Gun OCR, Trovati Studios, Propaganda Doughnuts, The Bandit Queen, Another Root, Green Cup Design, Avenue for the Arts

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The Bandit Queen's crowdfunding campaign was a great success, raising over $15,000 in under a month.

Drew infallibly surprises with his habit of over-delivering on expectations. He has an exceptional skill for turning projects that would ordinarily get thrown together slap-dash in-house into engaging, compelling, beautifully designed pieces of storytelling, and I credit the entire success of my business’ crowdfunding campaign to the work he did in a single afternoon.
— Tory O'Haire, Founder and Executive Chef, The Bandit Queen and Propaganda Doughnuts
Drew is a polymath who for several years has been my advisor/collaborator on a number of complex problems involving hardware, software, and large data sets.  Drew’s knowledge-breadth, depth, and engaging personality embodies what IDEO’s CEO Tim Brown calls a “T-Shaped Star”: a person possessing great empathy with hard skills depth and breadth.  Drew is equally technical and creative; he is one of those rare left-brain / right-brain balanced people.
— Mark Holzback, Co-Founder, Zebra Imaging, Inc.
Drew is a uniquely thoughtful and positive person. I have interacted with him quite a bit as part of the entrepreneurship community in Grand Rapids, and have been struck again and again by his nuanced understanding of people and situations, and his ability to adapt to working under stressful conditions with a variety of strong personalities. Drew would be an excellent member of any team - he’s creative and detail oriented, holding himself to the highest professional standards, while also remaining an easy person to be around.
— Rebecca Wilson Stein, Director, emerge Xcelerate